Most of us carry out preventative maintenance on our vehicles to keep them running smoothly, as we rely on them so much to get us from A to B.

Similarly, in our modern world, we rely heavily on computers for work, to store music, documents and photos and for our personal communications.

So, it makes sense to regularly maintain your computer just as you would your car, so you can get many years of reliable use out of them.

By neglecting your computer, you can end up with a computer that constantly freezes or crashes or worse won’t turn on at all! Very inconvenient and very frustrating!

Here, Optimal IT share with our readers some tips so you can keep your computer or laptop running at its absolute best.

Automatically update

Microsoft regularly issues patches and security updates to protect your operating system from attacks. Ensure your system is set to automatically download any updates to keep your computer safe from risk and running at its optimal level.

Install anti-virus protection

One of the easiest way to protect your computer from viruses and malware which interrupt or damage your computer system is to install anti-virus software.

Schedule a clean up

At the start or at the end of each month, get rid of any necessary files or folders that take up valuable disk space.


Once a month, defragment your computer. This organises the files on your computer and helps it perform smoothly.

Back up your data

Regularly back up your files and folders as a preventative measure so in the event of virus or computer failure, your critical information can be restored.

Delete cookies

Websites you visit can inject cookies into your computer. We recommend you regularly delete cookies and clear your cache after you sign off to get rid of these unnecessary files and reduce the risk of spyware being introduced to your computer.

Run a scan

Regularly perform a scan disk. This will check and repair any errors on your hard drive.

Be cautious about what you open or click on

Exercise caution when you are navigating through sites you are not familiar with. Don’t open any suspicious email attachments or click on pop ups that could lead to spyware being installed on your computer or worse a virus. 

As you can see there are several things you can do to keep your PC or laptop running at its best.

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