Just about every household in the Gold Coast or even Australia has a computer of some sort these days.  PC’s and laptops are the most affordable they’ve ever been and the constant evolution of technology sees new models being released just about every week!

But owning a computer or a laptop comes with its perils! The internet is a prime hunting ground for hackers and harmful computer viruses.

A virus is a piece of code able to copy itself which corrupts the system or destroys the data of a computer.

One of the most important things you should have in your computer is reputable virus protection. Although it isn’t 100% foolproof, it will give you a high level of protection damaging and inconvenient computer viruses.

No matter how careful you are, it’s still possible for your computer to get a virus that can cause significant damage to files or your computer. Optimal IT see first-hand the damage that can be done with a computer virus that has made its way past the virus protection.

Here, we thought we would share with our readers the signs that your computer has a virus, so you’ll know to call Optimal IT right away!

Running slowly

Some viruses can cause your computer to run much slower than normal because it is destroying files or damaging your system.

A way to be sure is if your computer runs much more quickly in safe mode than in normal mode, it is a good sign that your computer has a virus.


If your computer has been infected with a virus, your system can become unstable and spontaneously crash when you try to open a file or run an application.

It may also turn itself off and on again, and repeat this cycle many times over.

Screen freeze

Another sign of a virus infection is that your screen stops responding.  Clicking the mouse elicits no response and you need to constantly click alt + control + delete to start the task manager to end the non-responsive program.

Annoying pop ups

Unexpected pop-ups on your computer screen indicate a spyware infection and are notoriously difficult to remove.

Often the malware that creates pop-ups are conceal other destructive malware threats to your computer system.  Be wary of pop-ups that advertise your computer has been infected and suggest you purchase their anti-virus protection!

Be sure you don’t inadvertently click any suspicious pop-up windows, answer unsolicited emails/messages and exercise caution when downloading any free applications.

Unusual hard drive activity

Abnormal hard drive activity could be a warning sign of a potential malware infection on your computer system.

If there is no program running and you are not downloading anything but your hard drive is displaying excessive activity, your computer system may have fallen victim to malware.

Losing files

Not being able to access your documents, pictures, music or movies is a good sign of a virus infection.

Viruses can use up all the available space on a hard drive, and either removing your files or changing their names so you can’t access them any longer.

New home page

If your favourite home page has suddenly been replaced with one that you did not change, and new tool bars are appearing, you have malware on your computer.

Similarly, if you try to go to a website that you know is legitimate and you are redirected to another unrelated website, your computer is infected.

Internet security has been disabled

Some types of malware have the ability to disable internet security solutions, leaving your computer completely vulnerable to attacks.

If you are receiving alerts or notice your anti-virus protection has stopped working and won’t enable, you need to have your computer looked at.

If your computer is displaying any of the above signs, you need to call an expert from Optimal IT, computer repairs Gold Coast!

Our computer technicians can diagnose the damage, identify the virus, perform any repairs necessary as well as making sure your computer is adequately protected from viruses so you don’t suffer the same fate again in the future.

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