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Networking and Wi-Fi for computers is simply a way of connecting 2 or more computers wirelessly in order for them to be able to exchange data. Wi-Fi is a wireless network connectivity that sends signal using radio waves instead of through physical wires or cables.


If you want to connect to the internet then our networking specialists can assist in setting up your new internet connections as well as troubleshooting any problems with your existing internet connection. Networking is also a great way to share the internet between members of your household and communicate between devices. We can also help you with networking and Wi-Fi if you have a small business with 2 or more computers.

For small businesses, networking your computers can benefit your business by using a LAN (Local Network Network) which will allow your computers using the same office or location to share data between them.


Computer networking and Wi-Fi for small businesses means being able to share files or data between all networked computers. This can make business much easier because it allows easy communication and collaboration between the parties working together.


Having your computers networked means you can always have a backup of your important files should anything happen to one of the computers in the network. Backing up data is a vital part of any business. Networking multiple computers makes it easy to back up your company data regularly and it also eliminates the potential of people accidentally creating different versions of the same file.


We offer a come to you service with a 3 Month Workmanship Guarantee and a no fix no pay is our policy. Our capped price packages start from just $97.


There are many ways your home or small business can benefit from networking and Wi-Fi. To learn more about how we can help make your Gold Coast small business and home computers run more effectively using networking and Wi-Fi contact us for free no obligation advice.


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