Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process of retrieving data that can’t be accessed normally due to damage or corruption to the files.


Lost data can happen because of a computer virus, damaged hardware or even from accidental erasure. Even an event such as power failure can cause loss of data.


Any computer user can become an unfortunate victim of losing data. For businesses this can be especially problematic. If you have lost data that is important and you don’t have a backup the best thing to do is call an expert in data recovery.


Storing important documents and images in digital format is convenient for sharing and updating as well as storage.

Data recovery technology has come a long way and a professional data recovery technician uses special software tools to read and access data that is not readable through regular methods.


The success of data recovery will depend on the severity of physical damage to your hardware. We understand how valuable your lost data can be which is why our data recovery experience and expertise is vital. The best solution for lost data is always prevention. Backing up your important files is an essential practice for all computer users and we can help with the software to do just that. Most backup software is inexpensive and takes minimal time and effort to maintain.


Optimal IT are your friendly computer repair and IT experts. You can trust us to help recover your important images, documents and files back. Our price packages start from an affordable $97. We’ll be happy to give you a free no-obligation quote.


If you have any questions about lost data or data recovery from USB drives or hard drives, please contact us for free advice. We will come to your home or small business anywhere on the Gold Coast and if possible we’ll recover your data without having to take your computer away.


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