Computer Virus Removal

Unfortunately, even with virus protection software it is still possible for a computer to become corrupted due to a virus.


A computer virus is a piece of code that gets into your computer without you knowing and has the ability to delete data on your computer or corrupt your files. Symptoms of a computer virus can range from seeing pop-up warning messages while you’re browsing, being redirected from major search engines like Google, freezing up your computer and sometimes even deleting your entire hard drive.


Computer viruses are man-made and can sometimes bypass security systems. Computer virus removal should always be done by someone experienced in removing computer viruses.

Small parts of the virus may be left behind if not removed correctly, leaving you open to more threats and certain system errors. Any computer that is connected to a network is vulnerable to a computer virus. Computer viruses can also come from inserting an infected disc or USB drive into your computer.


Our computer virus removal service is for home PC users and small businesses who suspect their PC may have a computer virus. You can trust our experience and professionalism and because we are a mobile service, we’ll come to you. Computer virus removal must be done correctly to ensure that all trace of the virus is removed and any affected software or files are found. Most importantly, we can also help make sure your computer is secure with up to date virus protection to prevent future attacks.


Optimal IT have been professionally repairing computers for PC users on the Gold Coast for over 7 years. We have a no fee, no fix policy and a 3-month guarantee on all our work. Unlike most computer virus removal services, we also offer affordable price packages instead of the traditional hourly rate.


If you suspect your computer has a virus you should contact a professional PC Repair service as sooner rather than later. Our friendly technicians at Optimal IT Gold Coast will come to you for computer virus removal. Phone us for a free no obligation quote.


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