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If you are in the market for a new computer – consider having a computer custom built. It is in many ways more cost effective than most mass produced computers you’ll find at the large retailers. With our tailor made custom PC you’ll end up with a much higher quality – personalised system with all of the functionality you need to get the job done.


A custom PC is a purpose built computer can be for business or personal use, either at the office or in your home. Our Custom built computers are assembled from different components that are purchased individually. These components are cheaper and are better quality than those found in computers from large retailers.

If you could design your own office layout or workspace, why not have the freedom to design your own custom PC? Businesses or home users often have special requirements for a computer such as more power for video editing or CPU intensive tasks. Even your budget can be considered a requirement.


The configuration required for home and office custom built computers needs to take into account the type of work that the computer will be used for as well as any performance requirements you may have.


Buying a custom PC is different from buying an off-the-shelf mass produced model. Some things to consider with custom built computers are; the quality of the CPU, capabilities of the motherboard, graphics cards and the tasks the user will be performing.


At Optimal IT we can build a custom PC to meet your exact needs whether it’s for personal use or for your home office or small business. Choosing a custom PC can save you money and time because you are getting exactly what you need, not what a salesman wants to sell you. Also custom built computers allow for easier upgrades such as RAM, hard disk or networking improvements down the track should you need them.


Optimal IT is your expert PC builder located on the Gold Coast. We come to you and help you create the perfect custom computer for you and we also offer free quotes. We have Basic Packages from $497 as well as refurbished ex government systems.


Optimal IT supplies a 12-month warranty on all new computers and a 3-month guarantee on all our workmanship. We also give free phone support for the first two weeks when you a purchase custom PC from Optimal IT.


If you would like an obligation free quote for a custom PC, please call our Gold Coast office between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday and one of our friendly technicians will gladly assist you.


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