If you are faced with the choice of purchasing a personal computer (PC) or a laptop, Optimal IT Gold Coast provide some pointers here for you to think about so you can make an informed choice and choose the right system for you.


Starting points for PC’s can be quite affordable and you can customise your system to suit your individual needs. You still get a powerful computer that you can add components to and upgrade as time goes by and your budget permits.

To get similar components in a laptop to achieve the same power and capabilities as a PC, it generally significantly increases the cost of the laptop.


If you need some degree of portability to take your computer with you to various meetings, work on the train or bus or whilst you are at the local coffee shop, a laptop is an ideal choice.

Laptops have built in mouse pads, screens and batteries that can last a good length of time depending on what you are doing before they need to be charged.

With the advent of cloud based apps, you no longer need to be chained to the PC on your desk to get your work done.

Small enough to be able to be carried around in a laptop bag or briefcase, laptops beat PC’s hands down for portability.


A PC can take up a good footprint on your office desk. You need to make room for the keyboard, the mouse and the screen and generally underneath the desk sits the tower.

However, PC’s offer a choice of screen sizes ranging from small to large, allowing you open more screens at once and offer a larger viewing capacity when watching DVD’s or playing PC games.

Laptop screens can’t be upgraded to a larger model as a PC’s screen can be. What screen you have when you buy the laptop is the screen size you are stuck with.


PC’s and laptops both perform well speed wise when working on documents, spreadsheets and connecting to the internet.

PC’s have the advantage over laptops if you want a machine to play PC games though as they are more powerful than laptops.


If you want to have the highest specifications you can in the CPU, RAM, the graphics card and the hard drive or you want the ability to easily upgrade the components of your computer, PC’s offer that flexibility over laptops.

Laptops can have slightly lower specifications than a PC and aren’t as easy to upgrade as a PC.

In summary, if you want the flexibility to be able to work on your computer wherever you want, whenever you want and aren’t so much into PC games, the laptop is a good choice.

If you need a more powerful unit that can store a large amount of files, music, photos and let you reliably play PC games and you’re not concerned about portability, the PC is the one for you.

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