About Us


Welcome to Optimal IT

My name is Nigel White and since 2008 I have happily serviced businesses and the general public with Computer related solutions. Thanks to the generous and loyal support from my much valued customers, Optimal IT has gone from strength to strength. I’ve always had a desire to assist family and friends with their technical issues and after completing my qualifications Information Technology & Networking I was able to extend my assistance to the good people of the Gold Coast.

As the business has grown, I have listened and learnt from all my dealings with customers as well. I know what makes them tick, so to speak, and have learnt the difference between mediocre service and an outstanding one.

We all know the feeling of being lost in the system of a large company. That’s why at Optimal IT, I deliver on service and go the extra mile to make your experience simple, fast and cost effective. You’ll get a personal and interactive experience, tailored to your needs and wants. You’ll always receive transparent and easy to understand advice, quality workmanship and punctual service calls.

Our mission

To service your computer in a way that’s Simple, Fast and Thrifty!

That’s the Optimal solution for everyone.

Nigel White

Founder @ Optimal IT